Life’s Twists and Turns

Not All Paths are Straight
Not All Paths Are Straight


I posted on Facebook yesterday about how life is full of twist and turns and no matter how jacked up the path we are on is keep moving forward. Okay, that’s not exactly how the post went but I really do need to elaborate on the nub of a post that it was. Bottom line, people are hurting. If you think that I’m lying, all you need to do is watch the news for one night or listen to your neighbor whose relationship with God is lacking (sadly, a lot of people who do have a relationship with Christ are hurting as well but walk as if they don’t and look down on others). I also call this *Faking* Why? Because the life we live is portrayed quite differently than what God sees. This happens when we refuse to deal with the real issues in life and cover them up with the lifestyle we live or pretend to live.

When are we going to get real with ourselves? More importantly, when are we going to get real with God? It is true, life’s path is filled with twists and turns and pot holes and detour signs. But it is not about those twist and turns that is important. What is important is how we react to those twists and bumps in the road that matters. We can not go for long faking people out like we have it all together when issues on the inside of us has us three seconds away from a nervous breakdown or some violent tendency. In fact, the very bumps in the road are designed to shake us up for that very reason, to acknowledge we have a problem in a particular area. Oh, if we are living a “perfect” life with no apparent problems we do so without Christ.

I beg to differ, I’m a sinner with real problems and issues and Jesus Christ came for people just like me. However, His hands are tied based on how much I am willing to give of myself. See, God knows exactly what’s wrong with me but the problem is not what God knows, it’s about what I know (or don’t). Point blank, the sooner I accept that I have a problem the sooner the problem can be dealt with. I know a whole lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about because this is one of the first things they talk about in AA or drug programs. It’s no different with God. Only with God, he goes much deeper all the way to the tip of the root and not just the root.

Calvin has dealt with some major mountains in his life. Don’t worry I am not writing another book through this blog post on what God has brought me through. But I will say it has been very painful dealing with some of the generational curses in my life dating who knows how far back in my family line. Sex addiction, my attitude on life, anger, and bitterness  are some of the majors. Compassion for people, the way I think about myself, and selfishness are some of the minors (actually selfishness might be one of the majors). Anyway, all of these things are all wrapped up in one word: Fear.

Fear is the one four letter word that destroys people faster than Superman can catch bullets. Once again you do not have to believe me on this but I guarantee a gang member or drug dealer is not going to come out and tell you he is afraid of you the reason why he shot you over something trivial such as a fight or the money he lost over a bad drug deal. Think about that for a second, yes, it is out of fear that we do anything negative.

We lie because we are afraid of getting in trouble. We cheat on our spouse because we are afraid of losing something we thought we had like “game” (stupid, but this is a generational curse). We kill because we are afraid of what the other person might take from us. I could go on, but the bottom line is fear drives us to hate which is completely opposite of love. This is what the twists and turns in the road of life is for to come clean of all of that negative crap that’s ruining people’s lives including our own. The problem is we can’t do it without Jesus. And for all you people who don’t believe Jesus is the only way, keep watching the news. You are the very reason they air such garbage because you refuse to believe. And once again, you don’t have to believe me…we will see.

Don’t let the twist and turns of life slow you down. Instead embrace them flow with them and let them make you stronger without feeling defeated. Turn your situation into Christ and let Him be over everything. Find Jesus Christ in the picture above and keep moving forward. You might have to search and examine your life for the true meaning of the twist and turns but at the end of the day, keep moving forward. Keep Christ in the picture.



Aberration: The Coming Change



















Chapter One



     He stood at the highest point of the most remote lake in North America; Lake Mead. And he raised his arms high in the air and he said with a slow, controlled, and confident voice, “Let it rain.”

     Suddenly, dark thick clouds came out of nowhere with hurricane-like winds, powerful lightning, and deafening thunder. Then the sky began to swell and let loose massive amounts of rain, filling the almost dry lake to full capacity.

     The storm came out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Not even weather forecasts had any indication that a storm would cut across the desert, let alone be stationary over one lake for hours at one time. What was going on? And how could this be? Something strange and out of the ordinary was happening, but not as strange as what was coming.


     The people of Las Vegas were stunned and amazed at the fact that they’re once almost dried up only source of water had now been filled to capacity with no apparent reason. Who or what was responsible?


     As soon as the lake became full of water, the man lowered his arms and began to say, “Die away storm and cease to rain any longer.” Immediately the wind calmed, the rain stopped falling, and the weather became clear again. Then the man turned a bright glow, almost a blinding light. And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone without a trace of evidence. Except for the fact that now the lake was full of water. Data started pouring in from computers around the globe. Scientists began showing up at the lake bewildered and scratching their heads at the now filled to capacity reservoir. Off in the distance a helicopter lands and drops off a man near Hoover Dam.


     “I have never seen anything like it!” said one scientist as he stared at the waves of the reservoir with a disbelief look on his face.


     “Nor I!” another man standing next to him in a police uniform began to say with a dropped jaw. “And who are you and what are you doing here sir? This is now a restricted area until we can find out what is going on here.”


     “Well, Mr. Crenshaw you have to get off this lake~”

     And while the police officer was still speaking the man exclaimed with a lowering voice as he was still amazed at the filled lake. “Dr. Crenshaw, Dr. Michael Crenshaw U.S. Science Observatory. How did, how did this lake…” overwhelmed, the doctor could not finish his sentence.

     The police officer became excited, moving the man along another direction with his hand on his shoulder as helicopters began to swarm to the area. “You’re the Dr. Crenshaw who is supposed to head the investigation of this anomaly?”

     With a cocked head and a bewildering look in his eyes, he looked at the officer and said, “Yes, yes I am.”

     “Great!” holding out his hand, “I’m Officer Stevens, head of security, come with me sir. We have everything setup this way!” as the officer took the doctor’s hand with a serious look on his face he said, “Finally, maybe someone can make sense out of this mess!”

     The two men got in a police jeep and proceeded to the command center setup at the lake.

     “What happened here?” Dr. Crenshaw tried to look straight ahead, as his head bobbed up and down, and back and forth from the rough ride over the terrain.

     “Well, Doctor this is a big lake, but two eye witnesses say a man appeared out of nowhere, raised his arms, and then a great powerful storm came.”

     “Great… powerful… storm! I would say that’s an understatement considering we have never seen anything like this before, and our instruments have measured some out-of-this-world readings… And what does a man have to do with it?”

     “That’s what they said sir, He appeared out of nowhere!”

     “Well, Mr. Stevens, no one else gets in or out of this lake until we can find out what caused all of this. And find that man.”

     “We are on it sir!”


     A bright light shoots across the African night sky and is visible for miles away. Even as bright as the light was, still, no noise was heard, or any signs of a crash, like a meteor falling from the sky. At that moment, a loud rumbling boom cracks the night sky with several flashing lights.

     “What is going on here?” one man whispered. And before he could get it completely out of his mouth, it began to rain ferociously. There were not many people awake in the middle of the night. But the locals who were awake became awe struck. It rained until the next day, and never in their life had the people seen so much rain. Just then, the earth began to rumble and quake; the ground began to break up. All of a sudden, large fully grown trees started emerging from the ground out of nowhere. At first the people began to panic, running in sure terror as the massive trees bellowed from the ground. And then as quickly as it began the trees stopped growing.

     “How can this be?” a woman says holding on to her child with one hand and clenches her chest with the other. “What took years to destroy by man has now grown from the earth in minutes, only God is able.”

     “Never in my life have I seen such a gradual as this. What on earth is going on here?” a local scientist says in a small village of Nigeria studying climate change. He drops all of his notes and instruments as the tall trees swayed over the once barren land.


     Back in America, NASA and the NSA is scrambling a team to west central Africa to investigate the second anomaly that has taken place in the last 24 hours on earth. Military leaders and Joint Chiefs of Staff are looking over data and contemplating their next move.

     “Sir you gotta’ take a look at this! Satellite images have just beamed back a newly formed forest across the barren plains of Africa. And they have been getting rain for the last two days in the most drought stricken regions.”

     “Get me the president on the phone. And find out where our top scientists are and what they are working on? Tell ‘em whatever it is, drop it, this has become top priority.”


     Back in Las Vegas, people began talking about the strange occurrences of the storm and Lake Mead rising to capacity in a matter of days. What caused it and why? Not that anyone should be complaining. The reservoir was filled to capacity and that meant people had plenty of fresh water to drink. But something puzzled the scientist, they had been trying to control the weather for decades with not much success. So how could a stationary storm come out of nowhere and dump enough rain to fill an entire lake, and then disappear as fast as it came?

     Military leaders began deliberating on how they were going to keep this a secret from the general public.


     Meanwhile, at area 51, General Davis blurted, “How are we going to protect the American people from this?”

     “Don’t you mean keep this a secret General, and by ‘this’ you mean an unexplainable event?” Dr. Young turned his chair around slowly and began to speak again, “This strange event did not happen in Area 51 General under the night sky. And it can’t be locked away in some hanger either.” He stands up and walks towards the window, “This, general, is much bigger than saucers flying through the sky from outer space. Just how are you going to hide an entire lake filling up with water, and a massive forest sprouting from the ground instantly, that should have taken decades to grow, from the American people or any people for that matter? No, general, this is beyond keeping a secret.” As he looks out of the window at the swollen lake the doctor utters his last words, “Whatever this is, the people, they already know.”



Download the first chapter or purchase the book here.

What I Learned from being Homeless

Some people may look at adversity in life as having bad luck. However, adversity is necessary in life and it allows us to grow and reach deeper within ourselves for strength. Adversity builds our character and suffering makes us strong.

For instance, take a young man named Calvin who lost his home and material possessions. One night he looked over at his wife in the front seat of their pick-up truck, and then watched his six month old little girl fall asleep in her lap. Their other two children ages one and three were finally asleep in the back seat of the truck as they sat in a McDonald’s parking lot in Dallas Texas. He had lost his job and his wife was not working and they did not have any other place to go. After staying in several hotel rooms, they quickly ran out of money and had to live in a homeless shelter.

Living in a homeless shelter humbled them and gave them a new perspective on life. They worked in the kitchen of the shelter and served meals for other homeless people. The shelter had a faith based program that allowed Calvin and his wife to join in order to cope with the struggles of being in a homeless situation. The program taught them in every situation there is hope, and set backs are only temporary.

Calvin, being the leader in his house, could have giving up completely after he lost his job and a roof from over his families head. But instead, he spoke to his wife and said, “God is a God who strengthens us and turns our adversity into victory.” As a result of persecution, Christians found themselves building and clinging harder to their faith in God (Luke, A.D. 63). They found adversity led them closer to God, and it was no different with Calvin and his family, because affliction was not leading them away from their faith it was strengthening it.

They spent nine months in the homeless shelter going through their program, learning about a different lifestyle and learning about other people. But most importantly, they learned a great deal about themselves. Calvin and his wife never had a wealthy lifestyle, but being homeless and living in a homeless shelter gave them a new perspective on life. And it taught them respect for themselves and respect for other people.

In essence, being in a homeless situation was teaching them humility and making them stronger. It was teaching them to persevere even when the outlook seemed hopeless and endless. That homelessness was not the end of life but a new beginning, a beginning of renewed faith in God and themselves. Looking back they realized being homeless made them stronger people and their suffering made them equally strong. Some people say that adversity is the result of having bad luck. But in the eyes of Calvin and his family, adversity did not have anything to do with having bad luck. Instead, they saw adversity as a teacher building their character and their struggle as a weapon making them stronger.