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Your Purpose


People do it everyday. Wake up maybe put the coffee on, turn on the television or scroll through the phone, never mind reading the newspaper anymore. After that, we’re off to the nine to five grind. Same old people same old traffic and come back home just to get ready to do it over again. It is the same thing day in and day out, but what’s it all for?

Some people might say, well I live for my kids or my family is my sole purpose in life. Reflect on that for a moment. Is it, really? Life is simple and yet complex. Tell me, who created your family? Where did they come from? What was your purpose in life before your wife, husband, or children? Again I ask, what is your purpose in life?

For instance, I too, have a family, wife, children, but they are not my purpose in life. The scripts I write for movies, short films, etc., may be fulfilling but it is not my purpose. There has to be more to life than the up down up down state of being we go through sun up to sun down on a daily basis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for you or your family. There is something more to life we can’t see, something that compels us to move forward everyday.

Once we find out what that something is, your driving force, this will be your purpose in life. And once you find your purpose, life takes on a whole new perspective.

What is your purpose?


Life’s Twists and Turns

Not All Paths are Straight
Not All Paths Are Straight


I posted on Facebook yesterday about how life is full of twist and turns and no matter how jacked up the path we are on is keep moving forward. Okay, that’s not exactly how the post went but I really do need to elaborate on the nub of a post that it was. Bottom line, people are hurting. If you think that I’m lying, all you need to do is watch the news for one night or listen to your neighbor whose relationship with God is lacking (sadly, a lot of people who do have a relationship with Christ are hurting as well but walk as if they don’t and look down on others). I also call this *Faking* Why? Because the life we live is portrayed quite differently than what God sees. This happens when we refuse to deal with the real issues in life and cover them up with the lifestyle we live or pretend to live.

When are we going to get real with ourselves? More importantly, when are we going to get real with God? It is true, life’s path is filled with twists and turns and pot holes and detour signs. But it is not about those twist and turns that is important. What is important is how we react to those twists and bumps in the road that matters. We can not go for long faking people out like we have it all together when issues on the inside of us has us three seconds away from a nervous breakdown or some violent tendency. In fact, the very bumps in the road are designed to shake us up for that very reason, to acknowledge we have a problem in a particular area. Oh, if we are living a “perfect” life with no apparent problems we do so without Christ.

I beg to differ, I’m a sinner with real problems and issues and Jesus Christ came for people just like me. However, His hands are tied based on how much I am willing to give of myself. See, God knows exactly what’s wrong with me but the problem is not what God knows, it’s about what I know (or don’t). Point blank, the sooner I accept that I have a problem the sooner the problem can be dealt with. I know a whole lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about because this is one of the first things they talk about in AA or drug programs. It’s no different with God. Only with God, he goes much deeper all the way to the tip of the root and not just the root.

Calvin has dealt with some major mountains in his life. Don’t worry I am not writing another book through this blog post on what God has brought me through. But I will say it has been very painful dealing with some of the generational curses in my life dating who knows how far back in my family line. Sex addiction, my attitude on life, anger, and bitterness  are some of the majors. Compassion for people, the way I think about myself, and selfishness are some of the minors (actually selfishness might be one of the majors). Anyway, all of these things are all wrapped up in one word: Fear.

Fear is the one four letter word that destroys people faster than Superman can catch bullets. Once again you do not have to believe me on this but I guarantee a gang member or drug dealer is not going to come out and tell you he is afraid of you the reason why he shot you over something trivial such as a fight or the money he lost over a bad drug deal. Think about that for a second, yes, it is out of fear that we do anything negative.

We lie because we are afraid of getting in trouble. We cheat on our spouse because we are afraid of losing something we thought we had like “game” (stupid, but this is a generational curse). We kill because we are afraid of what the other person might take from us. I could go on, but the bottom line is fear drives us to hate which is completely opposite of love. This is what the twists and turns in the road of life is for to come clean of all of that negative crap that’s ruining people’s lives including our own. The problem is we can’t do it without Jesus. And for all you people who don’t believe Jesus is the only way, keep watching the news. You are the very reason they air such garbage because you refuse to believe. And once again, you don’t have to believe me…we will see.

Don’t let the twist and turns of life slow you down. Instead embrace them flow with them and let them make you stronger without feeling defeated. Turn your situation into Christ and let Him be over everything. Find Jesus Christ in the picture above and keep moving forward. You might have to search and examine your life for the true meaning of the twist and turns but at the end of the day, keep moving forward. Keep Christ in the picture.



Believe in Yourself

2012-06-29 19.12.39Believe in yourself. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, no matter where you come from or where we you are going, no matter what education level you have, and no matter how tough life gets, believe in you.  But in such a chaotic world full of deception and lies and in what that lie creates, the brokenness of people…

How do you believe in yourself in such a deceptive world? How do you believe in yourself after all the lies that have been told to other people or maybe they have been told to you?  How do we believe in ourselves after we have been hurt by so many people?  The enemy tells us that we will not succeed at anything we do or that if we do not do what he wants (by controlling our actions) we will fail.  He sticks his head up and sneaks into our lives so deceitfully that by the time we have noticed, it’s too late.  We have just become victim to a wrong choice in life that will affect us from one generation to the next.

How do we overcome every fear known to mankind?  Because it is fear that drives us to lie.  It is fear that causes us to talk down on one another.  It is fear that puffs us up and makes us think that we are the most corrupt “homie” in the land and that no one can stop us.  It is fear that tells us that we cannot when God tells us that we can.  But there is no fear in God, for God did not give us a spirit of fear.

There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.  The one who fears is not made perfect in love.   (1 John 4:18)


The fear of the lord leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched by trouble.  (Proverbs 19:23)

So how do we overcome fear?

We put everything we have into trusting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If we believe that God exists and that he gave his only Son for our sins then we should believe all the way and not part or halfhearted that God can deliver us from anything.  God wants it all not some part or half, but all of our hearts.  He wants us to trust him in a way that in no matter the circumstance we know with all of our being that he will save us out of every trouble even though chaos is right at our front door.  This is how you overcome fear: God throws us in the fire and allows us to stay there for a while so that we can be tested, tried and tried again.  Well how do you know that Calvin, because he has done it many of times for me and my family.  Yes I am a witness to the power and saving grace of Christ and not only I, but my wife and though they do not understand right now my kids also are a witness, He is no joke. We absolutely 100% live by the Word of God and the Lord tests us in His Word every day. From Genesis to Revelations, God refines the people whom He loves through the books that will always stand as His written word in the bible.

God is the only source who will allow you to believe in yourself in such a way that only he can.  First of all, he will show you how to be content in your own skin.  You will not need to look to others for approval or admiration, he is all the approval you need.  Second of all, he will show you how to let go of years of pain in order to see him clearly. You will need to clean the murky waters of yesterday in order to see the now that God wants you to see today.  This will be entirely up to you, because this you will have to want to do. God will not force anyone to change, only encourage. And the only way you are going to want to do it is if you get completely tired of your own mess. Third, we have to let God be God.  How can we being mortal made by God tell God how we should run our life?  Does He who has made all things not have it (all things) under control? Can we make the earth spin on its axis?

How can we say we trust God if we do not allow ourselves to give ourselves completely over to him?  In other words, how much of our lives does God influence?  One arm, two legs, three fingers, or is it the whole body from the inside out?  I believe one of the first important keys in believing in you is to fully believe in the God who created you first.

One of the lessons that I learned from watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon on a two inch rope of steal is that this guy believed in himself. But what is more important than that is he believed in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first. Even if walking across a gorge on a wire sounds pretty crazy, we need to have crazy faith like that in order to achieve BIG things. Extraordinary things, great things, crazy faith things. Jesus said that we would do greater things than what He did. However, I do not believe Jesus would have to use a rope to cross the Grand Canyon, but I do believe that we as a people trusting and believing in God with every inch of our being will do things never heard of in this generation. You can only use your imagination in the type of things that God is capable of doing through us only if it is His will and for His glory.

The bible says that nothing is impossible for God. And considering where He has brought me and my family from so far, I believe also with everything in me that there is nothing impossible for God. I believe in myself because God believes in me and I believe in Him. My walk is not a regurgitated walk from someone else’s experiences or just memorizing verses. It is a genuine relationship with the Most High God developed over time from great hardship that only first-hand experience can explain.

I cannot speak from other people’s experiences because I did not walk in their shoes, but I can speak from my own experiences and testify to the power of God. Nik trained hard to be able to face his fears and walk over a canyon on a rope, but that training alone did not accomplish the job. The man had to believe he could do it and that God could help him do it, he had to have crazy faith. All things are possible if we allow God to change us and use us for His glory. Is it easy, no, but neither was dying on a cross for the sins of man. Compared to that our job of letting go and letting God is easy. Believe in yourself, because God believed in you first.

If you really want your life to change, separate yourself from negative people.

Scripture taken from the NIV Study Bible, Zondervan

Knowing God and What is required of me

What you do the most is what you will know. What you think about the most is what you will become, or it will overcome you. I am not obligated to honor God, to give glory to the Lord. But I do this because I want too; I have a desire to want to know the Lord and to have a heart after God.

What do I think about on a daily basis? These thoughts will slowly consume me in a positive way or in a negative way. I would like to think of the things of God, to meditate on what I could be capable of if I applied my entire being to passionately know God above everything else in the world. What would I be giving up to do so? The answer to that question may or may not be shocking to you- everything.

You might say, “Well I don’t want to give up everything I have to know the Lord, I have nice possessions and a family to provide for.” And yet, who gave you everything that you have worked so hard for your entire life? Surely they came into existence by your own power and might, by the sure force of your wisdom and strength. At some point in time I will have to give up the fight of living my life under my own strength enslaved to my own way of thinking and own selfish desires. There will come a time when I will have to live for a cause greater than myself, and become a real man or a real woman to live a life of freedom. Not only will I live a life of freedom, but I can show others who are enslaved to minimal thinking and selfishness to live a life of freedom and meaning.

What do you live for?

Is it money, or materialistic things that money can buy? Is it the women that may be attracted to you based on your economic status or how pretty you think you are? Or how about the education you received in order to accomplish the prestigious reward sitting on your fireplace mantle? How did you get to be so talented and or good looking?

What is the whole meaning of your life, how are you operating in your life, and most importantly how are you helping others without some underlying motive?  We live in society today with a sole purpose of living or making life about sex or money. Our true motives behind everything that we do as a majority of people revolves around those two things: sex and money. These things are more fun, but where does God fit in that equation?  Is God not fun or something or someone to be desired? Do we not find it fascinating the power that he holds and what he is capable of doing in our lives? But do we dare say there is no high in knowing the Lord, no pleasure in stimulating the senses in bowing down to the Almighty. So we go after our own pleasure and in what our own hands can accomplish or achieve.

If you only knew what I knew and see what I see, how God is in control of all things despite what we “think” we are capable of.  We are weak in comparison to as much as six inches of rushing water, try walking through that and staying on your feet. Try stopping a meteor from hitting the earth or lightning from striking you even inside your own house. Try to prevent a car wreck from happening, or even creating life in the womb. How do scientist come up with complex algorithms to solve equations beyond their comprehension, and surely something had to create “the big bang!”?

Try stopping a woman from killing her entire family and then herself under your own power. Command the ducks to fly south for the cold winter months and choose for them where to fly too.  Stop a semi-truck from going over a bridge after it wrecks on the freeway if you can. Who is even in control over evil? God told the devil to do what he must to Job, just do not lay a hand on the man himself. (Job 1:12)

Even Satan has only a limited amount of control of his own evil when it comes to the greater scheme of things. In fact, the only control he has is what we allow him to have based on how much we allow the Lord to operate vs. Satan in our own lives.

Respect the devil, because he has been around a lot longer than any of us and he is very good at what he does. But God created him, and therefore the Lord holds the ultimate power. What is required of me though? Finding out what I need to do to have the best possible relationship with God at all cost? Times are changing fast, and we should make the effort to do the same when it comes to what is happening on the inside of us. What is God asking you to do? What is he asking you to change?

For those of you who do not have the desire to know God, this means nothing to you. But for the people of God whom look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the answers and what is required to know God; the time has come. Stand up and stand for something, stand up for your Creator, stand up for the Almighty God who works in ways that makes the wisest of men or women seem as smart as a box of rocks. Stand for the Great I am, for he is God and there is no other besides him. Glory, glory, glory to his Name!

Father, poor out your Spirit upon your people and give us a heart after your own heart. Teach me what I should do for you, and help me change whatever it is inside of me that is not like you God.

Help me teach my kids your will, your way Lord so that they will know the right way of doing things instead of doing things their own way. Don’t let them fall into choices that may lead them to murder, idolatry, or even drug or sex abuse. Show me how to use my own experiences to teach them right from wrong, and also experiences from others that we may come across on a daily basis.

May all who read this begin to feel the presence of your awesome power and Spirit come upon them in ways they have never felt before! May you lead them to be obedient to your Word, whether written or present all powerful voice deep within our very being! And though chaos is going on all around us and maybe attacking our very house at this moment, let us trust in you in that you are bringing about a greater work in us through it all. Lord I pray that you will keep me strong through the trials, through the tests, and through the times of being tempted to carry out evil thoughts or deeds. Give me the strength to forgive people who have done me wrong in some way, and the courage to continue to love them despite the pain they have caused. You have forgiving me for all of the wrongs I have done, so it is only right to forgive others for what they have done, including what I have done to myself.

Show me your glory Lord; reveal your power in ways we have not known before in this generation. Begin to erase the division line among your people, and show us how to live as an army of one united as a people living a life like your son Jesus Christ. Change me Lord so that I may begin to see your power and presence in my life, and may others see your glory through me that in no way can they say this was not an act of God.  Thank you Father for change and every blessing, and so I bless your holy Name.

To you O Lord is the glory and the honor and the praise forever and ever, in Jesus name I pray, Amen!!!

Happiness in the Eyes of a Child

Sometimes our kid’s need us to guide and nourish them, and other times they do it for us often not knowing it of course. Either way when or if we take the time to look at life as a child does, we will come to realize that once what we thought was important no longer is.

Kiddo’s do not care one bit about bills, food, or a promotion at work. They just believe when they need something it will be provided for them and when they get it they are content. It doesn’t take much for them to be happy or satisfied with what they have or get.

Lessons we should take into consideration as we go through life daily.