The Wachowskis’ Expensive ‘Jupiter Ascending’: What The Hell Happened?


While this year’s domestic box office is off to a great start with $1.2B, it’s also produced too many bombs. Following Universal/Legendary’s Blackhat ($70M cost, $16.6M global B.O.) and Lionsgate’s Mortdecai ($60M cost, $19.1M global B.O.), this weekend brought Jupiter Ascending from Warner Bros./Village Roadshow (estimated cost $205-$210M) and Seventh Son (estimated cost $105M-$110M) from Universal/Legendary.

jupiter ass 2Both were flagged as disappointments some time ago; Jupiter Ascending is worse because of its exorbitant cost and the fact that it’s the third straight self indulgent disappointment from Lana and Andy Wachowski, following Speed Racer ($120M cost, $93.9M global B.O.) and Cloud Atlas ($100M cost, $130.5M global B.O.). They are a long way from the $1.6B The Matrix franchise and sources tell me this is it for them at Warner Bros. The first Matrix in 1999 was a crowning VFX achievement and while the second and third film disappointed by comparison, they made money…

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