When it comes to technology I have a very short fuse. If I’m working on a project, boy do I expect the platform, device, or website host for that matter to work. Yes, I understand in our world of some timers things tend to break down and crash, but holy cow not when I’m trying to work God forbid.

One minute my video upload is good. The next minute, move a few things around take it down and upload it once again and BOOM, no go. It’s the same video for crying out load only in a different spot. You would think it should work right, wrong. I feel like a new born baby first day breathing air. Frustrated you are (in my Yoda voice). Understatement my little green friend, understatement.

I’m a venting fool right now but I know some of you can relate to my dilemma if there were such a thing. I dig technology like a brand new shovel on a job site, when it works. On the other hand, when it doesn’t work, you might as well have started World War III, cause I’m ’bout to hit the nuke button baby.

Oh well, guess I’ll sleep on it and see what tech support tells me tomorrow since us normal people like to work in the middle of the night (you know, normal hours). If you happen to read this, thanks for taking the time out of your hour to help me release some tension, your thoughtfulness is duly noted. On to the next one.


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