Aberration is Coming!



It has begun, and a new series is just about to get underway in production starting in August. What?

I’m talking about a new thrilling Sci-Fi Inspirational book called Aberration written by myself that will soon be entering the production stage of publishing over at Tate Publishing. This is an exciting time, and I would like to keep each and every one of you updated as to how everything is going during each step.

A little back story:

Anthony Sullivan has returned home from the military and has begun his new civilian life that he is not adjusting very well too. He is thrown into one life changing situation after another, due mostly to his own choices. He can’t seem to find his way in the trouble world he has created for himself, until he finds a relationship with God through his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is through this relationship that he eventually becomes endowed with supernatural gifts that propels him into dimensions that makes him a powerful leader of Gods people. And then leading them into the dominion God had for them in the beginning.

His arch enemy, General Davis, is one who will do anything to stop Anthony from achieving his goals, but ultimately a surprising twist in the story stops him in his tracks. The first book is Anthony’s supernatural state and what he accomplishes with his rival Mr. Davis, and uncovers some dramatic life changing events.

I will be posting short stories on the beginnings of Aberration giving you a sense of the beginnings and how it all unfolds. But for the dramatic ending….you will have to crack open the book, possibly a series, no definitely a series. 

Stay tuned…and get ready for a change!   Aberration

God bless!

By the way, I will also be re-posting Aberration series blogs that I had linked to a previous website I have since deleted.

Thank you and I do hope you enjoy!

For more information visit Aberration at http://www.calvinlbender.com


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