The Poor Old Man Alongside of the Road

IMG_0002There was an old man who sat alone on a busy street day in and day out rarely moving. He wore the same old clothes and coat no matter if it was hot or cold outside he kept what he had on. Everyday people would pass along the road where the man sat just before the intersection of another street that was not so busy, and they never stopped to check on him. Day in and day out the man sat. Rain, sleet, or snow the man sat and no one ever offered a hand to help.

One day a driver stopped and tried to hand the man a dollar bill, but the old man just sat there and stared off into the distance. Another day a group of kids past by the man and began making fun of him. “Look at him, he is old and he stinks sitting there wasting away!” said one kid. “Yeah and he’s a crazy old guy just sitting there staring out into space doing nothing for himself.” said another.
There was not a day that went by that someone was not making fun of the old man or passing him by along the road without talking to him.

Finally, another driver pulls up where the man is sitting and gets out of his car and lifts up the hood. He takes a look under the smoking engine compartment of the car and begins to cry out, “Why now? Why here this stupid car has to break down?” He slams the hood down and reaches for his cell phone. No power, he looks around to see where the nearest store is. Frustrated, he turns around and sees the man sitting on the side of the road. Curious, and with nowhere else to go until he can figure out how to get his car fixed, he goes over and sits by the old man and waits.

He looks at his watch and then looks over towards the old man. “What are you waiting here for?” the man asks, but the old fellow remains silent. “How long have you been sitting here?” said the man as he tries to strike a conversation with the old guy but he just sits there silently still staring out into space.

The man looked down for a moment with a puzzled look on his face wondering why this old guy seemed to be just sitting there silent and waiting for absolutely nothing to happen. And then just when the man was about to get up and leave, the old man spoke. “Twelve years ago the Lord God said to me, ‘Go to the place I will show you and wait there for Me.’ He didn’t tell me why nor did he tell me for how long. So I waited without another word. Day after day people would pass me by and pretend not to see me and the ones who did either made fun of me or thought I was beyond help. And so they didn’t even bother to ask me why I was here, or even walk over to ask me if I needed any help. But then you came and showed up out of nowhere on this day and asked me ‘Why are you here?’ and finally the Lord just said to me ‘Now it is time!’ and that the reason I am here is because of you.”

At this time the man became even more puzzled, and his curiosity deepened further. The old man knowing this continued to speak, “For years you have built a successful company and have made millions upon millions of dollars that represents that success. But hear now the word of the Lord, ‘I have made you successful in your work and have multiplied your possessions many times over. Now is the time to give away what I have given you to the poor so that you may prosper in your life. Now is the time to give to my servant who sits before you so that he may do my will upon this earth in this time, thus said the Lord.'”

Then a Spirit of the Lord came over the driver after the old man had said this and the man began to take out his check book. Right there on the spot the man started writing out a check to the old man. No sooner than he had finished writing it out, a tow truck pulled up and offered the rich man his services to tow and get his car fixed. The man was amazed, because he never called a tow truck nor did he tell the old man anything about his business.

However, as the man pulled away with the tow truck driver, the poor old man looked down at the check the rich man had left him. The pay to was left blank, but the amount, as the poor old man’s eyes lit up and he bowed down to worship and praise God, was one million dollars.

And so as it is this day, the poor old man was no longer poor because of his obedience to the Most High God. And he did with it what the Lord commanded him and began to prosper greatly in the land from the hand of the Lord.

The moral of the story: The prosperity of the man was not in him receiving a million dollars. It was in his obedience to the Lord that his true prosperity was gained. How is our obedience to God?


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