The Sun is Setting

It’s inevitable, what goes up must come down. It is the law of physics, and it is the visible revelation of God that says anything that will be built, will also be destroyed.

It happens every day and it happens in the blink of an eye. We search for things on a regular basis. Considering the amount of people in the world, we may search every second for something in our life.

We may search for our car keys or even a pen to write with. We may search for a pot to cook in or even a thought in order to find out what we are going to cook. Thoughts run through our mind every second chasing after each other one after another. The point is one thought exists until another thought takes its place.

It’s inevitable, even our own thoughts are built and destroyed in mere seconds. The sun rises for a new day with a promise to lay another solid foundation in order to build something great. But what are we building? Do we know if we are even building anymore? Or are we entering the final stages of destruction, self-destruction even?

The time has come when our worst fears have caught up to our reality. Our nation is losing control of dominance and our own pride is slowly choking us to our ultimate death. Each day as the sun rises shows another stain revealed to the world that our time is swiftly coming to an end. The sun is setting on this nation and the entire world. And the control that we thought we had will soon be stripped away like a virgin on her wedding night.

What makes us think that we can play the “I can do whatever I want card” and everything is going to work out fine? A little explosion here and a little devastation there along with a few unexplainable murders over yonder. Our nation’s corrupt underworld is slowly being exposed with every sunrise. Where has the God gone that the very constitution of this nation was founded on years ago? Now we pick apart that same constitution and use it against ourselves to justify our selfish ways.

Forget about God! Go after your constitutional rights and stand for what you believe in, but do not be sad on the day of your sunset; the day of your destruction.  “I can’t stand Christians talking about their god and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and he is coming back to judge the world. Repent this repent that…”

“Tell me about it. They are always talking about the bible says this or the bible says that, you know there is two things that I just don’t talk about and that’s religion and politics. As far as I’m concerned they can have it all, those politicians don’t know what in the hell their talking about and I don’t think the bible thumpers do either.”

Chances are you have sat in on a conversation like the one above before or have overheard one at least once or twice in your lifetime. But then a D.A. is murdered in his own property, kids are gunned down in frequency sometime at their own school and at the hands of another kid, a bomb goes off in your neighborhood and not some third world country. The sun is setting on our nation, and the sun is setting on our world. We are dying and the time has come for our eyes to be opened to see our own destruction.

I am not a religious person who looks to religion to save me. Who thinks just because I believe in something that I will be saved or be immune from stupid people doing stupid things in life. Shall my temple bail me out of the hole I have dug since I can remember? Or will my sacrifice of no meat for the day or week be sufficient enough to save me from the otherwise dirty deeds I have done on other days, and possibly will continue to day on the days coming after? No, I don’t know what will happen next. And no, I do not have religion to save me nor do I want it. But what I do want and have and would like to keep for as long as I have breath on this earth and beyond, is a relationship.

I’m tired of hearing verse after verse of the bible being quoted, regurgitated, and manipulated to be interpreted the way that someone thinks it should say instead of what it actually says. Where is your power in the word that you speak? Where does it come from and do you believe what you actually read? How are you applying it to your life and does your life reflect what you are reading? Are we just going through the motions buying time until the day the sun is completely gone?

The days get closer and closer together before the next unexplained “This should have never happened” phenomenon takes place in the great powerful nation of the united people. But how “united” are we? Can we stand the test of time? Where actually is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? And if he is there, when will he come to our aide and keep all of this disaster from happening?

Do we dare keep going the direction we are going to really find out the answers that we may or may not want to know? Those questions or answers will show up whether we want them or not or even like them or not. Why? Because we choose the direction we take, and we must own up to what we think is right or wrong. Even if it is what we believe is right or wrong in our own eyes.

The sun is going down. Whether you believe it or not or even like it or not, the sun is going down on mankind. Our time is getting shorter and shorter on this earth, and I can’t say when because I am not intelligent enough to predict the end of time on this side. But what I do know is that I have asked for the wisdom and discernment to tell one season from the next. And the season the world is entering in does not look promising for those wanting to play the “I can do whatever it is I want card”.

I’m searching for answers. I’m searching looking for clues as to how did I get where I am today, and how is it going to affect where I am going tomorrow? I’m not searching in some far off outer space constellation or planet, or mathematical equation. I’m not even searching for the answers in some school text book. I’m searching for the answers within myself, it’s because within myself will I find all of the answers I have ever been looking for…Did Jesus create the world?

We are all soon going to find out the answer to that question!

The Setting Sun
The Setting Sun

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