Knowing God and What is required of me

What you do the most is what you will know. What you think about the most is what you will become, or it will overcome you. I am not obligated to honor God, to give glory to the Lord. But I do this because I want too; I have a desire to want to know the Lord and to have a heart after God.

What do I think about on a daily basis? These thoughts will slowly consume me in a positive way or in a negative way. I would like to think of the things of God, to meditate on what I could be capable of if I applied my entire being to passionately know God above everything else in the world. What would I be giving up to do so? The answer to that question may or may not be shocking to you- everything.

You might say, “Well I don’t want to give up everything I have to know the Lord, I have nice possessions and a family to provide for.” And yet, who gave you everything that you have worked so hard for your entire life? Surely they came into existence by your own power and might, by the sure force of your wisdom and strength. At some point in time I will have to give up the fight of living my life under my own strength enslaved to my own way of thinking and own selfish desires. There will come a time when I will have to live for a cause greater than myself, and become a real man or a real woman to live a life of freedom. Not only will I live a life of freedom, but I can show others who are enslaved to minimal thinking and selfishness to live a life of freedom and meaning.

What do you live for?

Is it money, or materialistic things that money can buy? Is it the women that may be attracted to you based on your economic status or how pretty you think you are? Or how about the education you received in order to accomplish the prestigious reward sitting on your fireplace mantle? How did you get to be so talented and or good looking?

What is the whole meaning of your life, how are you operating in your life, and most importantly how are you helping others without some underlying motive?  We live in society today with a sole purpose of living or making life about sex or money. Our true motives behind everything that we do as a majority of people revolves around those two things: sex and money. These things are more fun, but where does God fit in that equation?  Is God not fun or something or someone to be desired? Do we not find it fascinating the power that he holds and what he is capable of doing in our lives? But do we dare say there is no high in knowing the Lord, no pleasure in stimulating the senses in bowing down to the Almighty. So we go after our own pleasure and in what our own hands can accomplish or achieve.

If you only knew what I knew and see what I see, how God is in control of all things despite what we “think” we are capable of.  We are weak in comparison to as much as six inches of rushing water, try walking through that and staying on your feet. Try stopping a meteor from hitting the earth or lightning from striking you even inside your own house. Try to prevent a car wreck from happening, or even creating life in the womb. How do scientist come up with complex algorithms to solve equations beyond their comprehension, and surely something had to create “the big bang!”?

Try stopping a woman from killing her entire family and then herself under your own power. Command the ducks to fly south for the cold winter months and choose for them where to fly too.  Stop a semi-truck from going over a bridge after it wrecks on the freeway if you can. Who is even in control over evil? God told the devil to do what he must to Job, just do not lay a hand on the man himself. (Job 1:12)

Even Satan has only a limited amount of control of his own evil when it comes to the greater scheme of things. In fact, the only control he has is what we allow him to have based on how much we allow the Lord to operate vs. Satan in our own lives.

Respect the devil, because he has been around a lot longer than any of us and he is very good at what he does. But God created him, and therefore the Lord holds the ultimate power. What is required of me though? Finding out what I need to do to have the best possible relationship with God at all cost? Times are changing fast, and we should make the effort to do the same when it comes to what is happening on the inside of us. What is God asking you to do? What is he asking you to change?

For those of you who do not have the desire to know God, this means nothing to you. But for the people of God whom look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the answers and what is required to know God; the time has come. Stand up and stand for something, stand up for your Creator, stand up for the Almighty God who works in ways that makes the wisest of men or women seem as smart as a box of rocks. Stand for the Great I am, for he is God and there is no other besides him. Glory, glory, glory to his Name!

Father, poor out your Spirit upon your people and give us a heart after your own heart. Teach me what I should do for you, and help me change whatever it is inside of me that is not like you God.

Help me teach my kids your will, your way Lord so that they will know the right way of doing things instead of doing things their own way. Don’t let them fall into choices that may lead them to murder, idolatry, or even drug or sex abuse. Show me how to use my own experiences to teach them right from wrong, and also experiences from others that we may come across on a daily basis.

May all who read this begin to feel the presence of your awesome power and Spirit come upon them in ways they have never felt before! May you lead them to be obedient to your Word, whether written or present all powerful voice deep within our very being! And though chaos is going on all around us and maybe attacking our very house at this moment, let us trust in you in that you are bringing about a greater work in us through it all. Lord I pray that you will keep me strong through the trials, through the tests, and through the times of being tempted to carry out evil thoughts or deeds. Give me the strength to forgive people who have done me wrong in some way, and the courage to continue to love them despite the pain they have caused. You have forgiving me for all of the wrongs I have done, so it is only right to forgive others for what they have done, including what I have done to myself.

Show me your glory Lord; reveal your power in ways we have not known before in this generation. Begin to erase the division line among your people, and show us how to live as an army of one united as a people living a life like your son Jesus Christ. Change me Lord so that I may begin to see your power and presence in my life, and may others see your glory through me that in no way can they say this was not an act of God.  Thank you Father for change and every blessing, and so I bless your holy Name.

To you O Lord is the glory and the honor and the praise forever and ever, in Jesus name I pray, Amen!!!

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