Leaving the Past in the Past

It’s like digging a hole with a shovel that has been covered with concrete. It’s like trying to move that same slab of concrete with your bare hands. It is not going to be done easily if at all without some heavy equipment. That’s what it is like trying to dig up the past.

Don’t let the sun go down on me without letting me let go of my past. I want to be able to deal with it the right way, to be able to process it and move on without resentment or regret.

Please do not let me carry bitterness in my heart that will send me to an early grave. Forgive me of my wrongs and help me move past the pain; have mercy in my sufferings. Destroy all of the evil thoughts in my heart that may hold me back from my destiny.

I can only move forward when I allow my way of thinking to change. So change my perspective on how I use the knowledge that has been given to me. Don’t let me use the wisdom I have gained to corrupt my future before it can begin.

My God hear my prayer and bless your Holy Name in Jesus name.


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